A Drive By

Pixxa heard from a friend of a friend that they might be able to see someone special today so Pixxa and Trichelle head out. On the way, Pixxa shows Trichelle U.S. Cellular Field.
P: Trichelle, this is where the 2005 World Championship White Sox play.
T: Football?
P: Girl, come on. The White Sox are a baseball team.
T: Oooo...any chance we might meet any ball players?
P: Not unless we fly to Arizona. That's where they are now, for Spring Training.
T: Darn!

They jump back in the car and continue their excursion.
T: Wow, look at the skyline!
P: You are riding on the World Famous Dan Ryan Expressway just south of the Chicago Loop.
P: We're here!
T: We're where?
P: You'll see.
T: Is it to see this cute little car? It's so teeny!
P: Good thing it's so bright...otherwise you might not see it.
P: Ta-dah!
T: Wow...so this is where The Oprah Show is taped?
P: Yep! And she's supposed to be inside. We'll walk around to the other side and hang out to see if we can see Oprah.
P: This is where the line usually wraps around the building when folks are waiting to get in the show.
T: Hey...this is the parking lot where everyone got a car for that "you get a car!...you get a car!" show
P: Yep. Let's wait here a few minutes to see if we can see her leave.
T: Oh well, we didn't get to see her, but there's her pix. That will just have to do.
Pixxa leads Trichelle down the block to Wishbone Restaurant.

P: This is the restaurant Oprah occasionally references on her show. They have GREAT breakfasts! Oh well...today was a bust! No ball players and no Oprah.
T: It wasn't a bust! I had fun! Chicago sure has alot to see!
P: Yes, there's lots to see.

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  1. Football - White Sox - laughed right out of the chair. Who knew pictures would be so great from the Dan Ryan? Way to go!