More sights...downtown

After a brief drive from the DePaul area, we stopped to see if the zoo and conservatory were open. They weren't.

Pixxa: Here we are at the Zoo. You're vintage. Did you ever watch The Ray Rainer Show?

VTBarbie: Is that the show with Cuddly Duddly and Chauncey the Duck?

Pixxa: Sure is. Do you remember The Ark in the Park with Dr. Lester Fisher?

VTBarbie: Yes...is this that zoo?

Pixxa: Yep...one in the same.

VTBarbie: Cool!

Pixxa: Well this area is called Lincoln Park and is one of the more prestigeous areas in the city. When they were referred to as such, this is where the YUPPIES lived.

Pixxa: And here's the conservatory! I hate that we don't have enough time to come back when they are open.

VTBarbie: I would have loved to see it.

Back in the car the girls get a glimpse of the skyline from the north end of The Magnificent Mile.

VTBarbie: Wow...Chicago is so neat!!

After arriving downtown and parking, the girls head off for a walk around Grant Park.

Posing for a shot in downtown Chicago.

The girls are in the newly rennovated part of the park known as Millenium Park. The contemporary against the park and the older architecture of the city make this a visually interesting area.

Pixxa: This is called the Great Lawn. In the summer there are concerts here and people sit out on the lawn to listen. These tubular things actually have speakers so that everyone can hear. And waaaay down front there's an actual pavillion with seating.

VTBarbie: This is very nice.

VTBarbie: Wow...this is a big park!! And right here in the middle of the city.

And with that, they started walking.

Pixxa: Let me take your picture in front of our latest great art piece. The official name is Cloud Gate, but us locals call it The Bean...'cause it likes like a giant, shiny bean.

Pixxa: One more.

Pixxa: Okay, now touch The Bean and let me get you and your reflection. PERFECT!

VTBarbie: You are so silly!

Pixxa: Now one of us together.

Pixxa: Okay, now off to the fountain. Let's go.

Still walking...

Pixxa: In the summer this is a fountain/splash pool. And the funny part is that the people on the screen spit the water out of their mouths to make the fountain. It's hilarious watching everyone waiting to be spit on.

VTBarbie: Ewwww...that doesn't sound funny, it sounds disgusting!

They continue their walk and end up on Michigan Avenue.

Pixxa: That's Orchestra Hall over there, home of the world famous Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Pixxa: And here we are in front of The Art Institute of Chicago. The Lions on either side of the entrance are world famous too. And at Christmas time, the Lions don big pretty festive wreaths around their necks.

VTBarbie: Cute!

VTBarbie: Look at that architecture...modern verses old fashion. Amazing!

Pixxa: And here we are at the new, Modern Wing of The Art Institute. I'm beat! Let's go home!!

VTBarbie: Yes, it has been a long day!


Seeing the sites of Chicago

Vintage Travel Barbie couldn't come to Chicago and not see at least some of the sights. And what better day to go out than St. Patrick's Day...espcially in Chicago. So after a day at Stephanie's temp assignment, where VTBarbie and Pixxa enjoyed a nice lunch, they ventured out.

VTBarbie: Ummm...lunch smells good, but I wonder if Stephanie can get off of her temp assignment early today so that I can see some of Chicago.

Pixxa: I hope so! Since it's St. Patrick's Day, I wanted to show you some of the crazy night life.

Pixxxa: Here we are in front of the world famous sign in front of Wrigley Field...home of the Chicago Cubs. Shhhh...don't tell anyone, but even though I live on the Southside, which is traditionally known as Chicago White Sox territory, I am a Cubs fan.

Pixxa: Here's the statue of Ernie Banks, also known as Mr. Cub.

Pixxa: He was always known as saying "Let's play two".

The girls then decided to walk around a little bit of Wrigleyville, the area surrounding the ballpark, known for it's bars and bars and bars! Most famous is The Cubby Bear.

They tried to find some other happening spots, but they were a little early for the night life.

So they decided to leave Wrigleyville and walked back toward the car.

But they decided to take one more pix at the stadium.

And there is always an opportunity for shopping!!

As they drove toward downtown, they passed by quite a few buildings with interesting architecture.

VTBarbie commented "there are so many interesting buildings!"
Pixxa: Now we are in the DePaul area...known as that because it's the home...

...DePaul University, of course

VTBarbie: What is that loud noise?

Pixxa: You haven't been in Chicago if you've not experienced an ambulance going by.

VTBarbie: YIKES!!

VTBarbie: I love all of the different types of buildings and the crazy streets!

VTBarbie: So Chicago is full of different neighborhoods, huh?

Pixxa: Yes, that's what makes it so interesting because 2 blocks away you're in a whole other world!! VTBarbie: What's this?

Pixxa: One of our new parking pay boxes. You pay and then have to walk back to your car to put the ticket in the window so you don'r get a ticket.

VTBarbie: That's crazy!

Pixxa: I know! Alright, let's keep moving...Downtown here we come!!!


The Big Party

Capping off VTBarbie's Chicago visit was an invitation to the Windy City Collectors annual dinner. Michael and I surprised VTBarbie with a lovely evening gown to enjoy the evening in.

We arrived at the big dinner and found our table.

There were so many people to meet and our table was full of wonderful guests.

And everyone was dressed to the nines!

The food was delicious!

And in honor of Ken's birthday (the theme of the dinner), Jef Beck was on hand to give a presentation on, what else but his favoite subject, Ken. He also had a book signing.

There was so much going on. There were people selling items, there was a ton of raffle baskets, and there socializing all around. Isn't this a beautiful scene?

This was the gift...not one doll, but a set. And there was even a birthday cake for Ken.

There was a lovely photo op background that VTBarbie took advantage of.

I think VTBarbie loved her dress!

And of course VTBarbie met up with Travel Ken.

Our hostess for the evening invited everyone over for a group shot.

Everyone looked fabulous!!

And VTBarbie and Travel Ken had a great time!

But VRBarbie's night was made when she got the chance to meet Jef Beck. He even autographed his book just for her. What a fabulous night!!