More sights...downtown

After a brief drive from the DePaul area, we stopped to see if the zoo and conservatory were open. They weren't.

Pixxa: Here we are at the Zoo. You're vintage. Did you ever watch The Ray Rainer Show?

VTBarbie: Is that the show with Cuddly Duddly and Chauncey the Duck?

Pixxa: Sure is. Do you remember The Ark in the Park with Dr. Lester Fisher?

VTBarbie: Yes...is this that zoo?

Pixxa: Yep...one in the same.

VTBarbie: Cool!

Pixxa: Well this area is called Lincoln Park and is one of the more prestigeous areas in the city. When they were referred to as such, this is where the YUPPIES lived.

Pixxa: And here's the conservatory! I hate that we don't have enough time to come back when they are open.

VTBarbie: I would have loved to see it.

Back in the car the girls get a glimpse of the skyline from the north end of The Magnificent Mile.

VTBarbie: Wow...Chicago is so neat!!

After arriving downtown and parking, the girls head off for a walk around Grant Park.

Posing for a shot in downtown Chicago.

The girls are in the newly rennovated part of the park known as Millenium Park. The contemporary against the park and the older architecture of the city make this a visually interesting area.

Pixxa: This is called the Great Lawn. In the summer there are concerts here and people sit out on the lawn to listen. These tubular things actually have speakers so that everyone can hear. And waaaay down front there's an actual pavillion with seating.

VTBarbie: This is very nice.

VTBarbie: Wow...this is a big park!! And right here in the middle of the city.

And with that, they started walking.

Pixxa: Let me take your picture in front of our latest great art piece. The official name is Cloud Gate, but us locals call it The Bean...'cause it likes like a giant, shiny bean.

Pixxa: One more.

Pixxa: Okay, now touch The Bean and let me get you and your reflection. PERFECT!

VTBarbie: You are so silly!

Pixxa: Now one of us together.

Pixxa: Okay, now off to the fountain. Let's go.

Still walking...

Pixxa: In the summer this is a fountain/splash pool. And the funny part is that the people on the screen spit the water out of their mouths to make the fountain. It's hilarious watching everyone waiting to be spit on.

VTBarbie: Ewwww...that doesn't sound funny, it sounds disgusting!

They continue their walk and end up on Michigan Avenue.

Pixxa: That's Orchestra Hall over there, home of the world famous Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Pixxa: And here we are in front of The Art Institute of Chicago. The Lions on either side of the entrance are world famous too. And at Christmas time, the Lions don big pretty festive wreaths around their necks.

VTBarbie: Cute!

VTBarbie: Look at that architecture...modern verses old fashion. Amazing!

Pixxa: And here we are at the new, Modern Wing of The Art Institute. I'm beat! Let's go home!!

VTBarbie: Yes, it has been a long day!


  1. Another great post. I feel like I know the place now.

  2. Hi Step-a-nie! I love pis of your city. I will be there in Oct for Wu Convention...yay! My first Wu Con.

  3. Thanks Vanessa!! Hey Georgia Girl! Pixxa and I won't be at Wu but we might come check out room sales and say "hi!" to friends like you.

    Luv Ya Both!! --Sreph-a-nie and Pixxa