A Drive By

Pixxa heard from a friend of a friend that they might be able to see someone special today so Pixxa and Trichelle head out. On the way, Pixxa shows Trichelle U.S. Cellular Field.
P: Trichelle, this is where the 2005 World Championship White Sox play.
T: Football?
P: Girl, come on. The White Sox are a baseball team.
T: Oooo...any chance we might meet any ball players?
P: Not unless we fly to Arizona. That's where they are now, for Spring Training.
T: Darn!

They jump back in the car and continue their excursion.
T: Wow, look at the skyline!
P: You are riding on the World Famous Dan Ryan Expressway just south of the Chicago Loop.
P: We're here!
T: We're where?
P: You'll see.
T: Is it to see this cute little car? It's so teeny!
P: Good thing it's so bright...otherwise you might not see it.
P: Ta-dah!
T: Wow...so this is where The Oprah Show is taped?
P: Yep! And she's supposed to be inside. We'll walk around to the other side and hang out to see if we can see Oprah.
P: This is where the line usually wraps around the building when folks are waiting to get in the show.
T: Hey...this is the parking lot where everyone got a car for that "you get a car!...you get a car!" show
P: Yep. Let's wait here a few minutes to see if we can see her leave.
T: Oh well, we didn't get to see her, but there's her pix. That will just have to do.
Pixxa leads Trichelle down the block to Wishbone Restaurant.

P: This is the restaurant Oprah occasionally references on her show. They have GREAT breakfasts! Oh well...today was a bust! No ball players and no Oprah.
T: It wasn't a bust! I had fun! Chicago sure has alot to see!
P: Yes, there's lots to see.


Dinner with the Windy City Collectors

T: Here we are...the Windy City Collectors Barbie Doll Club Barbie Birthday Dinner! I'm so excited.
P: Let's go get seats and I'll come back out for Michael.
T: Okay!
P: Michael, we're over here.
T: Nice centerpiece!
K: Hi! I'm Kelly and I'm your tablemate!
P/M/T: Hello Kelly!
T: Mmmm...this salad looks good!
While plates were being changed, Trichelle, Michael and Pixxa pose for a picture.
P: Chicken noodle soup...pass the pepper please!
M: Steak, potatoes and gravy---that's what I'm talkin' about!!
The tablemates pose for a picture.
P: Cake...now that's what I'm talkin' about!!!
K: It's lemony and oh so yummy!
After dinner, Pixxa and Michael pose with Wolverine as Trichelle looks on thinking "he's cute!"
P: Wolverine, I'd like to introduce you to our guest, Trichelle.
W: Well hello there Trichelle!
T: Nice to meet you Wolverine!
After pictures, guests walked around and put raffle tickets in to win lovely baskets.
There were alot of wonderful baskets to choose from.
It was difficult to decide which basket you wanted.
Here are a few more of the many there were to choose from.
The basket lady in the club did a wonderful job!
There was something for everyone.
And each prize was chocked full of goodies for the winner!
This is the basket that Pixxa won.
After the dinner, Trichelle checked out the souvenir.
T: Wow...a dress, shoes, tote bag and jewelry.
T: And a re-make of the invitation.
T: The details of the packaging were so cute.
T: And it was such a special gift.
T: Happy Birthday Barbie! Happy 10th Anniversary Silkstones!

(Note: Windy City gifted Trichelle with the dress and the member who made the purse gifted Trichelle with the purse to be included with the raffle.)

A Taste of Chicago

It's the Saturday before St. Patrick's Day and Pixxa wants to take Trichelle to see one of the great Chicago traditions...the turning of the green river green. Chicago is a very Irish town and to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, there is a big parade downtown. But before the parade steps off, there is the tradition of dyeing the Chicago River a bright green.
P: Come on Trichelle. Here's the bus stop. The bus will let us off right at the river. Here comes the bus!
P: Here's a good seat. We can look out the window.
T: This CTA bus is really nice.
P: Really bumpy, you mean!
After getting off the bus and walking across the street, the girls discover that they have missed the process.

T: Hey...I thought it was starting at 10:45am?
P: Yea, that's what the website said. Oh well...in Chicago, you never know. Sorry we missed it.
T: It just goes along with the rest of this dreary, foggy, rainy day.
P: Yes, they say we are sister cities with Dublin Ireland, well technically Galway Ireland...seems like we are sharing their weather too!

P: Check out the police boats.
T: I wonder where they are going in the pretty green water.

Note: Because we actually missed the water being dyed, I am inserting a time lapsed video in case you are interested in seeing the process...in hyper speed. The video only takes about a minute. DON'T FORGET TO CLICK THE BACK BUTTON TO COME BACK TO FINISH THE STORY.

CLICK HERE TO BE RE-DIRECTED TO THE VIDEO (there is music attached to the video)

Now back to our story...
One of Chicago's Finest atop his horse. Hey wait...what's that in his hand?
Those two girls can get into trouble in the blink of an eye! "Yes officer, you can release them to me. Thank you officer!"
T: That was fun riding on the Chicago Police horsey!!
T: Wow...look up at that building. The shape is very cool.
P: I think that's the Stone Container Building...well it used to be until it became the London Guarantee Building. But now it's the Crain Communications Building. They publish Advertising Age, Crain's Chicago Business (and the same format for other cities) and other trade publications.
P: There's Marina Towers...those two round buildings. In it's day, they were the tallest residential buildings in the world. There's also a great scene from The Blues Brothers movie of a car driving off the building that was filmed there.
T: Chicago is such an interesting place.
P: Here is where our ABC affiliate is based.
P: They broadcast the news right here in the window on the street.
T: The Chicago Theatre. I wish I was going to be here longer to go to the theatre in Chicago. That would be fun.
P: Behind us is one of the famous Marshall Field's clocks. This is one of the most famous icons in the city.
P: But even though it says Marshall Field's, this is now a Macy's. Ooo...come on Trichelle. We've got to go around the corner to one of my favorite places.
T: What?
P: You'll see!
P: Here it is...Sugar Bliss. I absolutely love their chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing. It's my second favorite place to come for cupcakes! Molly's is my favorite!!
T: Yum cupcakes! And they are so cute!!
P: Let's take some home!
T: Okay!
T: Is this our bus?
P: Yes, hop on!
Another bumpy bus ride...and finally they arrive back home.

T: Oh Pixxa...are you ready for cupcakes?
P: Sure!
And over cupcakes...
...they discuss their day...
...and other adventures yet to come.
P: One more bite, and I'm turning in. I'm exhausted!