A long day...Part 3

T: The flower show was so much fun!! And I can't believe that we bought so much stuff that we have to get the car for them to load it in.
P: Yes, we did buy alot, didn't we?

P: Well come on, let's walk through the inside of Navy Pier to the car. It's too cold outside, especially since we left our coats in the car.

As they walk, they approach Billy Goat Tavern

P: Have you ever seen the sketch on Saturday Night Live where they are in a grill selling "cheezburger, cheezburger, chips...no Coke---Pepsi"?
T: Yes I've seen it...is this the place?
P: Well, it's a newer location of the same place.
T: How cool!

P: Too bad we don't have time to stop for ice cream.

The girls make it to the car, get their purchases loaded up and head to Northlake, Illinois. Their destination? The Pizza Joynt. Why? To attend the Windy City Collectors Barbie Doll Club meeting.

After their drive, they finally make it.

BLJinc's Trichelle rushes to meet Trichelle at the door.

BLJinc T: Oh Trichelle, you're here! You're finally here!!
T: Hi Trichelle. It's so nice to meet you.
BLJinc T: I have something for you, as a memento of your visit to Chicago.

T: Wow! What an adorable t-shirt! I LOVE it!! Thank you Trichelle!!
BLJinc T: You are welcome Trichelle! I hope that you enjoy the rest of your visit.

As Pixxa took care of club business, Trichelle walked around and met some of the other dolls.

T: Nice dress RuPaul!
R: Thank you girl!!

Guy sitting in front: Hey gorgeous...wanna come and join da partyyyyy?
T: Uhh...no thanks. You all seem to be doing just fine without me.

T: Nice Mardi Gras beads!
Girl: Why thank you!

T: Lovely green dresses ladies. I see that you are ready for St. Patrick's Day!

T: Hey Midge. I love your dress. But it appears your friend has lost her head!

T: Well aren't you just the cutest---all ready for St. Patrick's Day!!

T: Wow, you all are celebrating Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's Day!

T: Erin, nice outfit!!
E: Thank you dahling!

Trichelle walked around and met everyone and everyone enjoyed meeting her.

P: Trichelle, it seems like you had a good time. Are you ready to go home?
T: Yep, just let me grab my gift. Okay, now I'm ready.

(NOTE: This gift was donated by USIS Fan Club Member BLJinc. She also donated a bottle of champagne. Both gifts will be included in Trichelle's package for the raffle.)

T: Good-bye Windy City Collector's Barbie Doll Club!!
All: Bye Trichelle!

And the ladies drove home.

T: Whew, this is the last one! I can't believe that we bought all of this.
P: Yea, Michael's going to laugh when he sees all of this. You know I don't have a green thumb!

P: But at least these are yours!!

T: I like this one the best! I just hope I'm able to keep them alive until July!!

(Note: If any of these plants survive, they will also be included for the raffle package)

And with that the ladies went off to bed...it was a long day!

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  1. What an awesome day! The tablescapes at the Garden Show looked cool, the french fries looked yummy and the jazz t-shirt is very cute. Big smile for all the St. Patrick's Day attired dolls. I enjoyed the storyline and pictures.