Dinner with the Windy City Collectors

T: Here we are...the Windy City Collectors Barbie Doll Club Barbie Birthday Dinner! I'm so excited.
P: Let's go get seats and I'll come back out for Michael.
T: Okay!
P: Michael, we're over here.
T: Nice centerpiece!
K: Hi! I'm Kelly and I'm your tablemate!
P/M/T: Hello Kelly!
T: Mmmm...this salad looks good!
While plates were being changed, Trichelle, Michael and Pixxa pose for a picture.
P: Chicken noodle soup...pass the pepper please!
M: Steak, potatoes and gravy---that's what I'm talkin' about!!
The tablemates pose for a picture.
P: Cake...now that's what I'm talkin' about!!!
K: It's lemony and oh so yummy!
After dinner, Pixxa and Michael pose with Wolverine as Trichelle looks on thinking "he's cute!"
P: Wolverine, I'd like to introduce you to our guest, Trichelle.
W: Well hello there Trichelle!
T: Nice to meet you Wolverine!
After pictures, guests walked around and put raffle tickets in to win lovely baskets.
There were alot of wonderful baskets to choose from.
It was difficult to decide which basket you wanted.
Here are a few more of the many there were to choose from.
The basket lady in the club did a wonderful job!
There was something for everyone.
And each prize was chocked full of goodies for the winner!
This is the basket that Pixxa won.
After the dinner, Trichelle checked out the souvenir.
T: Wow...a dress, shoes, tote bag and jewelry.
T: And a re-make of the invitation.
T: The details of the packaging were so cute.
T: And it was such a special gift.
T: Happy Birthday Barbie! Happy 10th Anniversary Silkstones!

(Note: Windy City gifted Trichelle with the dress and the member who made the purse gifted Trichelle with the purse to be included with the raffle.)

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  1. Adore their outfits and Michael's tie. Totally cracking up at the image of Kelly while describing the cake flavor. Looks like it was a fun celebration.