A long day...Part 1

Today is going to be a long day, so it's divided into 3 parts. First, we're headed to Navy Pier.

T: There it is...the Imax Theatre. I'm so excited!

P: I've got our tickets, let's go get our seats.

T: Should we tell our readers what we are going to see?

T: Or do you think they can guess? (tee-hee!)

P: Let's sit here!

T: Don't forget the 3D glasses!

P: Me too! I absolutely LOVED Alice's dresses...I'd like to have some of them for me!
T: I liked the Red Queen "off with their heads!"

Trichelle and Pixxa navigate the weekday entertainment.

T: Oooo! Is that THE Garrett's? Before I left her in California, Kimberley told me that when I came to Chicago that I must get some. Can we stop in?
P: Sure!

T: I think I'd like to try the cheese and caramel corn mix please.

T: Thank you!

T: Hey, I'm kinda hungry. Can we stop for lunch?
P: Sure; what do you have a taste for?
T: How about a famous Chicago hot dog?

P: Okay. We order down here.

P: We'd like a Chicago dog, curly fries and a root beer please.

T: What's the name of this place?
P: America's Dog.

T: Mmmm...this looks so good!
P: Hurry up...we've got to get to Part 2.

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