To the mall we go.

So it's still March 9...Trichelle has finally arrived and she, Pixxa and Michael have enjoyed a nice big dinner. Now the girls are off to the mall (can you believe Trichelle is visiting Chicago in March (still Winter) without a coat? tee-hee!).

T: Are you sure that Michael doesn't mind me wearing his jacket? It's a little big, but I like it.
P: Oh it's fine. Come on...let's go. (yelling over her shoulder) Michael, we're gone!
M: Okay...have fun!!

P: Look, up ahead. There's the mall. This is Evergreen Plaza which is just outside of the Chicago border in Evergreen Park, IL. This is the mall that I used to come to with my Mom and the mall where I often hung out in high school.
T: Cool!

P: This mall is only a shell of what it used to be in its heyday. But I bet we'll find some nice things at Carsons.
T: Okay...let's go!

Two hours later...
T: Well, I guess we did okay!
P: (giggling) We sure did!

P: Too bad it's so late. I could have given you a tour. Oh well. There's always tomorrow.

M: So I see you two had a great time!
P: We did alright. (she looked at Trichelle and they both laugh)
M: So let me see...let me see!

T: We didn't get much.

M: With all of those bags, yea, right. Show me your new stuff.
T: Okay...you asked for it.

T: First I got this adorable pink coat. Pixxa said this will keep me warm while we are walking around the city.

T: And then I saw this fabulous faux fur jacket. Isn't it cute?
M: (sarcastically) Adorable!

Pixxa jumped up to empty her bags.

P: I saw this adorable gold top and I just had to have it.

P: Then we got a similar outfit...see out cute almost matching tees and our little skirts?
M: I knew you'd end up buying something. So what did you buy me?

Pixxa and Trichelle looked at each other and then laughed.

P: Well, we really didn't have alot of time...but we did bring you the nice, lovely bill!! ha ha ha!!
M: Great! Just what I always wanted!

T: You two are waaaay too nice!! I can't believe that you bought me all of this. Thank you very much!!
P: Well, we had to make sure you stay warm!
M: I'm glad you found something that you liked.

M: And while you two were busy shopping, I went out for a special dessert. I went to Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream...birthday cake remix ice cream...don't you remember what today is?
P: Gasp! With all of the excitement, I forgot.

T: Happy (March 9th) Birthday Barbie!!!


  1. OMG...I love it! Shared this with my family, they got a kick out of it, especially Sierra.