Waiting for Trichelle

It's Tuesday, March 9, 2010. Pixxa and her husband, Michael, are sitting in the livingroom, checking emails, and waiting for their guest to arrive.

M: What time is Trichelle supposed to arrive? Dinner is ready and I'm getting hungry.
P: Oh, she should be here anytime.


P: There she is now

P: Trichelle...WELCOME! I am so glad that you made it!

T: (hugging Pixxa), Thanks for having me! I am looking forward to seeing Chicago!

P: Trichelle, meet Michael.
M: Pleased to meet you! Sit down, sit down and get comfortable.

M: How was your drive up from Springfield?
T: My cousin got me here pretty fast. I decided to ride up with her instead of taking the train because she has a meeting here. Illinois certainly is a boring state to drive thru.
P: Yes, all flat land and corn stalks. ha ha ha!

M: I hope you're hungry...dinner is ready.
P: Geez Michael, you could give her a chance to catch her breath.

T: Actually, I am kind of hungry. I didn't eat lunch.
M: (jumping up) You ladies stay put and I will grab the food.

T: WOW! Everything looks so good!
P: Michael LOVES cooking so he's enjoyed making this for you.
M: Hope you enjoy...eat up!

T: Everything looks so good! Where do I start?

P: So that's quite a skimpy little outfit that you have on Trichelle. It must be way warmer in Springfield than in Chicago. Do you have any warmer clothes?
T: Ouch! But you're right. It is rather cold here. Coming from California, I didn't realize that I wasn't properly outfitted.
P: Well, we'll just have to do something about that. We can't have you freezing during your visit.
M: Uh oh! I feel a shopping trip coming on.

T: Shopping?!!
P: Good idea Michael! Maybe after dinner we'll go pick up a few things.

After dinner

T: Mmmm Michael, everything was soooo good! You missed your calling as a dentist. You should have been a chef.
M: (blushes) Glad you enjoyed it.
P: Well, it's getting late. Trichelle, maybe we should get ready for the mall.
T: Okay...I'm always ready for shopping!!
P: Me too!
Pixxa and Trichelle laugh and Michael rolls his eyes.


  1. OMG, how long did it take to script the story? I really enjoyed it because it seemed real and the pictures are awesome.
    I adore the vintage details in Pixxa & Michael's home. The wall sconces alone are fabulous. The furniture and the arrangement are cool too. And I don't have an adjective that properly honors the bamboo dishes and sushi at the correct scale.

  2. Glad you enjoyed!! It usually doesn't take me long to come up with the story based on the pix, but because I'm wordy, I do have to edit. Unfortunately I can't take credit for the details of their home. The background is a backdrop from the Kansas Barbie convention. I jst love the food too! THANKS!!