A long day...Part 2

After a morning at the movies to see Alice and Wonderland in 3D and Chicago dogs for lunch, Pixxa and Trichelle are on to their next stop.

P: Let's walk outside along the pier.

P: This is the famous Chicago ferris wheel. At night they light it up and it's so pretty.

P: And behind us is a nice view of the cityscape.

T: Is that Lake Michigan?
P: Yes, it's hard to enjoy it with all of the fog and rain, but yes, you are looking out over the lake.
T: It looks like an ocean...like it goes on forever.
P: Everybody always says that!

P: And this is one of the Odysseys. They have great dinner cruises. Maybe Michael will bring us back.
T: That would be nice!

P: And this is the Windy, the only tall ship that docks at Navy Pier---except of course when the Tall Ships come to Chicago.

T: That was quite a walk, but we're finally here at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show.

T: Look at these displays. They are so tall and so unique.

T: And the fountain. I would love to have this landscaping outside of the back of my house. I guess I'd need a house first though, huh?
P: It might help.
P: Look at this sculpture. How would you like that in your backyard?
T: It's just a bunch of branches with rocks on the end.

T: But I'd love to have these flowers!

P: There's more to see this way.

T: I'm stopping to smell the flowers! ha ha!

P: This display is from the Garfield Conservatory. We're planning to take you there too. It's wonderful.

P: This is my favorite part of the show. The tablescapes! Various florists and designers create a table setting with the most beautiful designs.

T: This one is so quirky! It would be perfect for a Barbie party...or a girls night out party!

T: Ooo...sparkly! It looks like it's dripping with diamonds everywhere!

T: I love the tropical flowers the best.

T: Look---it's a pink and green petunia!

P: Gerber Daisies...I love these!!

T: Wow...look at this one!
P: That IS nice---oh geez...look at the time. We'd better hit the vendor booths so we can get on to Part 3 of our day.
T: More shopping? Let's go!!

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