Happy Earth Day!

Friday was Earth Day...a day when we pay special attention to saving our earth. Several companies were offering Earth Day "specials", so I decided to celebrate Earth Day by doing some recycling.

Hmmmm...my plan was to go Downtown, but I couldn't very well plan an Earth Day celebration by getting in my car and wasting gas and putting more pollutants into the air. So I decided to take public transportation. In case you don't know, I don't do public transportation. I hate the waiting and not being on my own timetable and not being able to go directly from point a to point b---not to mention the uber crowded trains. But, I decided that if I timed it just right, I could miss both of the rush hours so I could handle it---all for the name of Earth Day.

So I purchased my transit card...

waited for the train and jumped on. The train ride took about 35 minutes. I could have driven and parked in probably about 15 minutes.

The train, which actually is called the "L" (either for Elevated train or Loop, depending on who you ask), let me off in the subway which leads directly into the Macy's Building (formerly know as Marshall Fields). I was looking for the Origins section, but had to walk past the candy section. But I was strong---probably because my second stop was going to be for cupcakes, but I did take a quick look around! =)

Back on-track, I found the Origins counter. Origins was offering a free, full-sized facial wash in exchange for an empty skin care container and a completed form. I was really excited about this because the facial wash , Checks and Balances, sounded really neat.

But alas, they were out of the free samples, and instead were offering a Night Health Bedtime spray or balm designed to help you fall asleep. Disappointed, I turned in my container and form and took the free spray. Yes, it was definitely time for a cupcake!

So I made my way to the opposite side of Macy's to Sarah's Pastries. They had a black (chocolate) & white (vanilla) cupcake that is awesome!

Their treats look delectible!

Despite the long line, I was good and just got a pair of black & white cupcakes. Then it was off to my final stop...across the street from Macy's...The Disney Store.

In exchange for 5 plastic bags, The Disney Store was offering a cute little reusable shopping bag. Yep, you guessed it...they were out! But they did substitute a reusable shopping bag with your choice of character...and they had a ton to choose from! So I grabbed Mickey...he had a classic feel, and headed back to the subway with my cupcakes and my free loot.

Yep, even though it didn't turn out exactly as I'd planned, I had a pretty good day, celebrating Earth Day! Oh...and even the train car that I was on coming back home was "earth friendly" as the lights (except those right over the door) were out. It was quite the intimate ride---especially in the darkness of the subway.

Hope you enjoyed my adventure!! And though the official Earth Day is over, we can all do a little something everyday to celebrate Earth Day everyday.

Luv Ya!!