Partyin' at Barbie Club, Part 2

And the fun continued on through the night...

There were more people for VTBarbie to meet.

Then there was a vintage photo op...complete with a vintage carrying case.

The party was in full swing. VTBarbie bumped into Travel Ken again...and his gorgeous blonde friend.

VTBarbie certainly didn't mind the attention they paid to her.

And then there was the doctor...VTBarbie had a blast!!

The party continued in the loft by Mod-o-Rama.

VTBarbie loved all of the details that were put into the loft.

Mod-o-Rama specializes in making mid-century furniture and rooms.

VTBarbie had her eye on a few pieces that she would have loved to take with her on the rest of her journey.

Who am I kidding?!! If I could have given her the entire room, she would have been estatic!

VTBarbie and Travel Ken talked about their travel adventures and chatted about how they will meet again in Florida.

And then it was attack of the doctors again and we decided it was about time to wrap it up.

But this Barbie said it all...Happy Birthday Ken!! Fifty years of being there for Barbie!!

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