Late Afternoon at the Zoo

P: Here we are...Lincoln Park Zoo.

T: Great...let's go visit the animals.

T: Wow...first thing right inside the gate...check out that sleeping lioness.

P: She's soaking up the afternoon sun.

T: Oooo...look over there. It's the King of the Jungle.
P: Let's get closer.

T: Look at him...he's beautiful!

P: Hey Trichelle, he's looking right at you!

T: Yikes! He looks at us and then starts growling...maybe we should move along.

They both laugh.

T: Look at the Polar Bear.

P: She's enjoying the sun too!

T: Look at the birds!

P: Now to my favorites...the giraffes!

P: Aren't they beautiful! So tall and lean and graceful!
T: They are pretty neat.

T: Where to next?
P: Do we have to leave the giraffes?

T: Well, I would like to see the elephants.

P: Did I forget to tell you there aren't any elephants? One got sick last year and they cleared them out until later this summer I think.
T: Bummer!

P: But look at all of these fish.

T: Well, we visited the zoo...now to conquer the rest of the city!!


  1. The growling lion picture is awesome. I like Trichelle's outfit, I wonder if it comes in big doll sizes :-)

  2. Yes...big girl sizes would be really fun!!