An Afternoon on North Michigan Avenue Part 1

Who can come to Chicago and not go shopping on North Michigan Avenue, also known as The Gold Coast!! Pixxa and Trichelle start their afternoon on Oak Street, a street that is known for the cute (and expensive) little boutique-type stores.

T: You are so lucky to live here with all of this shopping!
P: Lucky? My hubby doesn't think so when all of the bills come in?

T: Ooooo...sparkley!!

P: I love Bebe!
T: Let's go in!
P: Okay!!

P: We're on Michigan Avenue now. Trichelle, you must pose here by the One Magnificent Mile sign!

P: And directly behind you, the shorter building is The Drake Hotel. That's a great place to go for High Tea. The tall building next to The Drake was originally the Palmolive Building but later became the headquarters for Playboy Enterprises. Yep, the bunnies! And of course the black building is the John Hancock Building.

A quick stop at Bloomingdales.

P: Let's see if I can get you in the pix with the top of the John Hancock Building. Did you know that this is the 6th tallest building in the United States? There's a restaurant on the 95th floor called The Signature Room. It's one of the finest restaurants in the city.

P: And this is Fourth Presbyterian Church.

T: What a beautiful building!!

P: And of course, there's Water Tower.

P: One of the anchors is the American Girl Place store.

P: The other anchor is Macy's, which took over Marshall Field's stores.

P: And here is the actual Water Tower. It's one of the few buildings that survived The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and I think it's the only building that survived the fire that is still standing.

P: Come on, let's cross the street...there's still more to see!

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  1. Nice shout out for Fourth Pres :-)