An Afternoon on North Michigan Avenue Part 2

T: It certainly is windy!
P: Yep...you're in the windy city---even though the reason we're called the windy city actually has nothing to do with the wind.

T: Really? Well what does it mean?
P: I'll just say that it refers to politics in Chicago...you know, guys full of hot air!
T: Oh that's funny!!

P: Here's Neiman Marcus! It's one of my favorite stores!

T: I see Saks...wow, everything is here!

P: Princess Tiana from The Princess and The Frog!

T: I love The Disney Store!

T: Look at this neat window at Burberry!
P: Yep, I guess they are featuring cotton, huh?

P: The Apple Store

P: This Crate and Barrel is THE BEST!!!

P: Uh-oh...I know what store this is!!


P: Here's Vicky's Secrets!!
T: Cute name!!

T: They have a cute window. I love my body too!!

T: Is this...
P: Yep...the Hershey Store!!!

T: I wonder how long it would take me to eat this candy bar.

T: So this is how they make the chocolate!

T: Pixxa, do you think this is enough chocolate syrup?
P: I think it will last you a little while, at least!

They both laugh!
T: Oh Pixxa, look...

T: It's a Hershey's Kiss just for me!

T: And they put Ghiradelli right across the street from Hershey?
P: A chocolate lover's haven!!

P: Here we are on Rush Street. Further down is where people party on the weekends.

P: And here's Ditka's. Mike Ditka was the coach of our football team, The Bears.

P: I just love his logo/caricature!
T: It is cute!

P: Well, we're back to Oak Street. The car should be right down the block.
T: Good...I'm ready to sit down after all of the site-seeing and shopping!

But they couldn't resist one more window on the way to the car!

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  1. The picture with Princess Tiana is priceless!