A Night at the Theatre

Trichelle couldn't come to Chicago and not see theatre. One of the great things about Chicago is that there are the "fancy" plays downtown, but there is also a wealth of community theater productions available. Pixxa decided to take Trichelle to A History Lesson: A Celebration of Black History's Past, Present and Future.

T: Oops...I'm in the spotlight...where I belong!
P: Silly...come on and let's get in our seats. They're starting.

T: Okay, okay. Where are our seats?

P: Here we are. This is our row. Come on.
T: I'll be glad when we sit down because (Trichelle turns her head to talk over her shoulder) this lady behind me keeps bumping into me.

Lady: Oh I'm sorry! I'm just trying to get to my seat too. You see, I'm the publicist for this event and we have an important client here and...and I'm just so nervous---sorry...I'm rambling. I just need to sit (pause)...Pixxa? Is that you?
P: (in a questioning tone) Yes? I'm Pixxa.

The ladies find that they are seated next to each other.
Lady: It's been a while but you look just the same. It's your cousin, Mila.
P: Oh my goodness...Mila...it's been ages!

The people behind shush them.

They turn and whisper "sorry!"

Pixxa slips out to get a program and returns.

And the three ladies sit mesmerized and watch the play.

After the play was over the three quickly chatted about the high points and agreed that this production was excellent.

M: I've got to get back to the client. We're trying to get funding to take this production on the road. But we should get together. Let's meet for lunch next week.
P: Okay! I'll call you. (as Mila scribbles her phone number on the program and runs off).

And with that Pixxa and Trichelle head home, laughing and talking about the play and the how lucky it was that they ran into Mila.

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