Illinois Fashion Doll Club Meeting

P: It's time for our meeting...let's go meet the other dolls.
T: Hi! I'm Trichelle and this is Pixxa!
Doll: Nice to meet you!
P: I love your coat!

T: Do you get the feeling that we are the teeniest dolls here?
Doll: We're all different sizes, but we're all loveable.
P: And I love your dress!
P: Well, at least you girls are about our size.
Dolls: Yes, dah-ling. We certainly are.

T: Hi everybody!

T: Hello up there!
Doll: Hello down there!

P: Ahhh...finally, some dollies smaller than we are!
T: Hi cutie! Are you having a good time?
Little doll: (hic) yep!
T: And aren't you just the cutest?
Doll: Thank you!

P: Cuz, you made it!
T: Hey Mila! Good to see you again!
M: Yes, I got stuck in traffic, but wanted to make sure I got here to meet the gang and to hang out with you all again.

T: Mmmmm...refreshments! Pixxa, try this orange cake...it's scrumptious!

T: And I think I'll have a cookie. It's been a long, fun day!

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