Touring Chicago Sites

When we left off, Pixxa was entertaining a visitor, Trichelle. They have already done a bunch of things...zoo, Chicago style pizza, theatre and of course shopping, but what's a trip to Chicago without taking in some of the sites and culture? So Pixxa and Trichelle spent a day visiting some sites in Chicago.
P: This area is called Museum Campus because it has three museums of sorts right together. And it's right on the lake...Lake Michigan.

P: First let's visit Adler Planetaium.
T: Okay!
T: Wow, I'd love to have a boat docked here. I'd go out on it every day.
P: (laughing) That's what Michael says.
P: Here we are at the Planetarium.
T: Oooooo...It's all about the stars!!

T: And it's gorgeous right here! The lake is so beautiful!

T: And the skyline along the lakefront---Chicago is such a pretty city!

A panoramic view of the lake and the skyline.

They left the Planetarium and headed toward the Aquarium.
P: There's the back of the Aquarium, the round building. That's where the whales live.

P: Let's sit and soak up a few rays.
T: "Hi!" as she waves as people passing by.

T: Hey...it's this way. It's the John G. Shedd Aquarium
P: Yes, there's fish and all things aquatic inside. We saw the stars now we're seeing under the sea.

T: What's that?

P: I have no idea. Here's a plaque...it's called Man with Fish..
They both laugh.

T: Wow...that was great...what's next?

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