Shopping...at Gigi's and Sherry's

T: Oh Pixxa...the day has finally arrived!! We get to visit Gigi's Dolls and Sherry's Teddy Bears Shoppe!
P: I'm excited too! I've never been there before and I've heard nothing but great things!

P: Here we are!
T: Yay!! I'm glad we came early so that we can look around before the Illinois Fashion Doll Club meeting.

T: Here's the door...let's go in!

P: Oh...my...gosh...this is AMAZING!!

T: I've never seen so many dolls and so much doll stuff!

T: Look...a giraffe!

P: And look at all of these Fashion Royalty dolls!

T: They are so lucky...their clothes are fabulous!

P: Yes they are! Come on, let's check out this side.

T: Check these beauties out...

T: How cute!

T: There are dolls EVERYWHERE!!!

T: This is way too much fun seeing all of these different kinds of dolls.
P: Trichelle, come here and look at this...

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