Shopping...at Gigi's and Sherry's part 2

P: Oh she's gorgeous! She's from their private collection. She's not for sale.

T: It's a doll shoppe and museum all in one.

T: Look at these amazing faces.

T: I wonder how many dolls they have.

P: Me too! It would probably take a month to count everything.

T: Big dolls, little dolls, baby dolls, stuffed dolls...

P: Yes, I would agree that they have everything!

P: I think I've found something on this shelf that I must have.

T: I'd love to have that purse right there---even though it is a little big for me.

P: Ahhhh...the sweet baby dolls.

T: These are the Dynamite Girls.

P: Oh my gosh...my favorite section...Re-Ment. Sit down so I can take your picture.
T: Uh oh...I think I broke the chair.

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