Touring Chicago Sites Part 2

P: Next, you ask? The Field Museum
T: Is that the museum that has Sue, the dinosaur?
P: Yep, that's it...and they've also got an exhibit on "a girl's best frind".

Trichelle and Pixxa pose on the front lawn of the Museum.

T: Bring on the diamonds!!

As the girls are walking up the museum steps, Trichelle turns around...

T: Wow...what a view!!
P: You are looking down Lake Shore Drive.

After visiting the museum, the girls relax in front of the museum and enjoy the view.
P: Okay, let's go. We have one more stop in Museum Campus.
T: What's left to see?
P: Right behind you---Soldier Field...home of the Chicago Bears!!

T: That's HUGE!! And what an "interesting" architectural combination. It looks like a modern building plucked in the middle of an ancient collusem.
P: You should see it from the other side. It looks like a space ship sitting on top of the old part. Very weird!!
P: Okay...that's it for Museum Campus. Now we'll take a quick drive and we'll be at our next stop.

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