"So go Downtown...where all the lights are bright..."

As Trichelle's visit winds down, Pixxa squuezes in one more tour...Downtown Chicago.

T: Wow...my first subway ride in Chicago. That was fun and very quick to get downtown.

P: Trichelle, this is one of the most iconic stores in Chicago

T: Marshall Field's, yes, I've heard of it.

P: Well, a while ago they were bought out so now it's really Macy's. But so far they have kept the building intact.

P: Let's go around the corner...there's a Sephora.

T: Cool...I could always use more make-up!

P: Here we are...let's go in.

T: Hey, didn't Mattle do something with Tarina Tarantino?
P: You know...I think they did.

T: Now where to?
P: Just a short walk past the Chicago Theatre District and we'll be there.

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