"Downtown..." Part 4

P: Welcome to Millenium Park Trichelle!

T: Hi! Millenium Park!!

P: Hi Bean!
T: Hi Bean?
P: Well, actually this sculpture is named Cloud Gate, but we affectionately refer to is as "The Bean"
T: Hi Bean!
T: What a beautiful skyline!
P: Yes, it is, isn't it?

T: This is a very nice park.
P: Yes, it's relatively new and I think it's wonderful. There's The Bean, the new ice skating rink, the human fountains and the Pritzker Pavillion for concerts.

P: But The Bean is the big draw...isn't it gorgeous how the skyline reflects in it?
T: Absolutely!
P: And standing underneath it, you get really weird backgrounds.
T: (laughing) I love it!!

P: That's the pavillion behind us. Those wing things are always in a different position when you look at it.
T: Cool!
P: Well, we'd better start heading home. Afterall, you've still got to pack for your flight in the morning.
T: I guess so.
P: This way to the L
T: Why is it called the L
P: I think because it's an elevated train...and they just shortened it to "L". Or then to, maybe because it's the train in the loop and they shortened that to "L". In other words, I really don't know.
T: You are crazy Pixxa!!
T: What are all of those trailers lined up?
P: Oh, that's the sure signs that a movie or a tv series is being taped nearby.
T: The thrill of the big city!

T: All of the train stations are so different. This mural is cute!

P: Come on...I hear a train coming.

T: I sure am going to miss Chicago!

P: And I am certainly going to miss you Trichelle!
T: Pixxa, thanks so much for all of your hospitality! I had a great time visiting with you and Michael.
P: We were glad to have you...and would be glad to have you back anytime.
And with that, the two rode back to Pixxa's house where Trichelle packed and departed the next morning for the next stop on her tour.

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