"Downtown...you're going to be alright now..." Part 3

P: And here's the newsdesk on the streets of Downtown....CBS, channel 2.

T: How cool is this? You can see the studio right on the sidewalk.

T: Look at the camera...and the set. Oooo...I wish that I was filming now so that we could be on television.
P: That would have been fun!

T: Amazing...so much equipment just to put on the news.

P: Let's take a little rest...we have been walking forever.
T: Okay, but why are we resting on this cow?

P: Remember we were talking about all of the art in Chicago? This was a city-wide project. Much like the pigs and the benches in other cities. Here in Chicago, we painted cows.

T: Oh I get it...because a cow caused the Great Chicago Fire, right?
P: That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

P: And this cow lives outside of the Cultural Center. The Cultural Center is really nice. There's a room upstairs that looks out over the park that we are on our way to. And just past the park is the lake...stunning view. I really wish that I had brought you down before everything closed.
T: That just means that I will have to come back to visit again.
P: Oh promise that you will...we'll have so much fun!

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