"Downtown...waiting for you tonight..." Part 2

P: There it is...The State of Illinois Center. It was actually re-named in honor of Govenor James R. Thompson.

T: Neat scuplture in front.
P: It is, isn't it? It's by the french sculptor Jean Dubuffet. Instead of it just being all business, they decided to add a nice collection of art in the building. They also have a store where local artists' work is featured; The Illinois Artesan's Shop.

T: Too bad it's closed...I would have liked to have seen that.
P: Well...let's go across the street to the City-County Building
T: The what?!!

P: The City-Country Building. Half of this building is City Hall and the other half is the Country Building.
T: Well it is a rather large building.
P: Yep, a full square city block.

T: Hey what's that little man?
P: It's one of those things you see in the city...it's like a secret message. You'll see this little man everywhere. I don't know what it's for and how you find out what it's for though.

T: Where to next?
P: Across the street to The Daley Center.
P: There's what I wanted you to see.

T: There is alot of art in Chicago. Who is that by?

P: It's our Picasso, of course!
T: Of course. But what the heck is it?
P: Your guess is as good as everyones. I don't think anyone knows for sure.

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