A Day At Museum Campus

It's back downtown...but this time it's the south loop, right on the lake...Lake Michigan. P: This area is called Museum Campus because there are 3 museums pretty much right on the same block.

VTBarbie: Well I see these two are close, but that one down there is a looooooong way to be considered in the same block.

VTBarbie: So which way should we go?

P: Let's start at the Aquarium and then walk around and end at the lake.

VTBarbie: Okay...let's go!

Pixxa: It's this way to the front.

VTBarbie: Now THAT'S a fish!!

P: Cute dolphin statues, right?

P: And here we are, in front of the John G. Shedd Aquarium.

A few steps later

P: And here we are in front of the Field Museum. This museum has historic type stuff like dinosaurs and mummies.

P: Stand over there VTBarbie so I can get your pix on Lake Shore Drive with the skyline in the background.

P: Okay now to the Totem Pole.

VTBarbie: Wow, it's so tall!

P: Okay, onward. We still have several stops and it's getting dark.

The girls walk along the west side of the museum.

VTBarbie: What's that huge thing across the street?

P: Let's go see.

VTBarbie: Soldier Field...ah...home of The Chicago Bears!!

P: da Bears!!!

VTBarbie: Wow...big stadium. And a cute little park leading to it.

P: Now we're headed to the Planetarium.

VTBarbie: I'm glad my feet aren't hurting with all of this walking!

Both girls laughed.

P: Guess who?

VTBarbie: Of course Copernicus would be sitting in front of the Planetarium.

VTBarbie: Wow, this is big too. I guess there's alot to learn about the planets and space.

And just a few steps away

P: Okay, let me get you in front of Lake Michigan with the night skyline...beautiful.

And with that, the girls jumped back in the car and headed toward home.

P: Here's a closer look at Soldier Field. You can see the old, original architecture, and the new architecture that they added for the stadium's expansion. Okay...let's go. I'm hungry!


  1. Thanks for the tour. Makes me want to come visit.

  2. Great Pics! You really have an eye for the perspective and camera angles! Fun to look at, thanks.

  3. Vanessa, come on for a visit---Chicago is a BLAST!! Thanks for the compliments Anonymous!! I hope you continue to check in on my adventures!!

    Luv Ya Both!! --Pixxa