A Visit Downtown

Pixxa: Here we are in front of one of the best theatres in Chicago, The Cadillac Palace Theatre

Vintage Travel Barbie: Are we going to a play?

P: No, we're going to do a quick tour of downtown.

P: Behind us is the State of Illinois Building. It's made of glass and steel.

P: And across the street is the City-County Building.

VTB: City-County Building?
P: Yes, this half of the building is the County Building...

P: And, this half of the building is City Hall.

VTB: This is where the Mayor works?

P: Yep.

P: From here you can see the doors to City Hall and the doors to the County Building.

VTB: Neat!

P: And here at the front of the State Building is Jean Dubuffet's sculpture Monument with Standing Beast

VTB: Interesting...

P: And across the street again is Daley Center which is the courthouse building. Let's go over there.

VTB: Okay

P: If you think back to The Blues Brothers movie, you might remember the building behind us.

VTB: Oh right...when they were trying to pay the money for the orphanage.

VTB: And here we are inside the Daley Center. Wow security is tight.

Note to readers - security really is tight. We were kicked out of the building just after this photo was snapped.

P: I think this is Chicago's most famous sculpture. It's our Picaso.

VTB: Chicago is a very artsy town, huh?

VTB: What's that over there?

P: It's the studio where the local news is broadcast. CBS, Channel 2.

VTB: Ahhh...CBS

P: This is what used to be our most iconic store, Marshall Field's. They have been taken over by Macy's.

VTB: Cute window display

P: That clock is famous. It was immortalized on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post in 1945.

VTB: So that makes this a very old clock!

The girls laughed and keep walking.

P: There's the Chicago Theatre. It's part of the area called...wait, there it it...

VTB: ...The Chicago Theatre District.

P: Since tea is becoming the new coffee, we've got Argo Tea shops. And the tea is wonderful.

P: This is Garrett's Popcorn...the best cheese and caramel corn in the world.

VTB: Didn't Oprah have this as a favorite one year?

P: Of course she did!

P: And there's The Goodman Theatre.

VTB: There are lots of theatres in Chicago.

P: Not as many as in New York, but we do okay.

And with that, the girls ended their tour by stopping for a cocktail.

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