Vintage Travel Barbie: So where are we off to today?
Pixxa: We've got 2 stops planned for today, but you'll just have to wait and see.

P: Here we are
VTB: Oh wow...is this where her show was filmed?

P: Yep

P: Remember "You get a car...You get a car...You get a car"?
VTB: Who doesn't?
P: This is the parking lot where the cars were.
VTB: They should make this a historical landmark or something!

The girls laughed and started walking around the building

VTB: Wow, I wonder all of the celebrities that those people across the street have seen.

VTB: Oooooo...shopping!

VTB: I guess this is the closest that I'll get to a pix with Oprah.

VTB: Look Pixxa, I'm standing in line to go into the show.
P: Ha ha ha! But you're right, the line wraps all the way around here.

VTB: Well, at least I can say I've been to The Oprah Winfrey Show..ha ha ha!
P: Okay, let's go

VTB: Where to now?

P: We're going to see some of the buildings of downtown.

P: Here we are under the tracks of the "L" which is the elevated train.

P: Now we're on the banks of the Chicago River

P: This is a view from the west of downtown

P: This train is the Metra and is one of the trains you take to get out to the suburbs.

P: See over there? There's the "L"
VTB: So that's how you get around "in" the city?
P: You've got it!

VTB: That's a very nice view
P: And over to the left is The Merchandise Mart

VTB: Chicago is my kinda town!!


  1. Wow, this tour is super cool! Harpo Studio...wow. My mouth dropped when I saw your pics. VTB is a lucky doll to come this close to Harpos.

    Have you ever been to her show? Nice pics, btw. Now I need to regroup and take the tour again. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You are too funny Georgia Girl!! No, I never made it to any of her shows. Wouldn't that have been a blast!! Glad you enjoyed the shots!

    Luv Ya!! --Pixxa