Saturday Was a GREAT Day!

This past Saturday, I had THE best time!!  I attended the 15th Anniversary Celebration of the Illinois Fashion Doll Club.  It was a fabulous luncheon!!  The theme was: 15 years of Fashion, Fun and Friendship. 

When we arrived, we picked up our name tag and a Golden Ticket, which we used to select not one, not two, but THREE items from the Freebie Table.  I selected some really cool Barbie plates.

At our place settings, we found a custom made (people sized) fashion bag, an IFDC key chain (I put mine on my bag as a tag) and a goodie bag from one of our local doll shops.  And there were door prizes and prizes for the games too!  The purple packages in the basket and the striped boxes were the door prizes.  The red boxes with stars were prizes for the games.  For my door prize, I won this really sassy red-headed HiGlam Julia doll (MCA Entertainment) with THE longest legs, complete with 2 fashion packs.  (I think this line was produced around 2007 or so.)

In addition to socializing, there were games for our entertainment (and competitive spirit...ha ha!).  There was a game where you had to match the collection to the collector.  I did pretty good and got 9 out of 14 correct.  I even won a prize (2 Monster High dolls and 2 Monster High outfits)...YAY!!

And there was a game called "If The Shoe Fits: where we had to identify which shoes belong to which doll.  I didn't get very many of these right.  I only know about MY shoes!

The final game involved guessing the number of items in various jars.  There were 6 jars filled (l-r) with Ken shoes, packing peanuts, purses & luggage, Barbie shoes & boots, combs & brushes and Barbie clothes.  I told you that I know MY shoes...I guessed the closest for Barbie shoes (I guessed 2177 and there were just over 2300).  I won another prize...2 Barbie Basics (a girl and a guy) from the Denim Collection and the Male Basics Accessory Pack and a Bill Greening sketch of one of the Basics girls.  Yes...we really got GREAT prizes!!

The food was delish!  Did I mention where the luncheon was held?  I didn't think so.  It was at Pompei, an Italian food eatery.  We had salad, bread with olive oil and parmesan cheese, pizza and mostacholi---YUM!!  And for dessert there was chocolate cake, cheese cake and cannolis.

Here are some of my friends who were also there...

But the greateast highlight came when the founder of the club was presented with a cartoon rendition of herself...such a cute gift for someone who has everything doll related.

All too soon, the fun was over, but the weather was so nice that the drive home was enjoyable too!  Overall I must say, it was a GREAT day!!

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  1. Sounds like a great party! Your club really knows how to do it up.