A Day at the zoo

One of Pixxa's favorite things to do is to visit the zoo.  Earlier this month, she and husband Michael took a wintery trip to Bookfield Zoo.  Here are a few pix from their day.

 Arriving at the zoo.  Brookfield Zoo is one of the better know zoos in the country.

 Pixxa:  We're here!  Come on Michael!

 Michael:  Hey---it's this way.  Through the tunnel to the animals.

Michael:  Look at that big camel!  And you think they only live in the dessert.

 Pixxa:  Look at the cute little bird!

 Michael:  A wombat...how cool!

Pixxa:  Look over there at the zebra.
Michael: (laughing) He wants in...it's too cold out here!

 Zebra:  Let me in!

 Pixxa:  Look, the stream is frozen over.

 Pixxa's favorite - the giraffes.

 Pixxa:  Hi cutie!

Michael:  Lions and tigers and bears...
Pixxa:  oh my!

 Michael and Pixxa posing by a golden eagle.

 Michael:  Is that a wolf?

Pixxa:  Look at that big polar bear.  He's not white anymore.
Michael:  I know...he kind of blends in with the rocks.

Micael:  Let's pet the peacocks.
Pixxa:  You go right ahead!

 Pixxa:  Let's see the dolphin show.

 Michael:  Hey, that one's name is Tatem.

Pixxa:  What a fun day!
Michael:  Yes, but I'm getting hungry.  It's too bad they don't have any consession stands open in the winter.

Pixxa:  I know.  Some hot chocolate would be lovely!

 Pixxa:  Look...one of Santa's reindeer.

Michael:  Roar!
Pixxa:  Stop it...he's looking right at you!

 Michael:  He's beautiful...let's get closer.

 Pixxa:  Oh my, this is pretty close.  I sure hope that glass is thick!

Pixxa:  awww...no carousel ride either.  Oh well.  I guess it's time to go.
Michael:  Okay...I'm cold and hungry, but it was a nice day at the zoo!

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  1. So awesome! I love when Pixxa and Michael get out. They need to get out more often.