Chicago Style Pizza Anyone?

Editorial Note: Sorry for the long sabbatical...sometimes life just gets in the way. But Pixxa is back and has a few photostories for you. Enjoy!

T: Is this where we're going? Ed Debevics?
T: Oh...I see it now, across the street.
Mila, Trichelle and Pixxa are on their way to Pixxa's favorite pizza place, Gino's East.

The ladies get inside and Trichelle checks out the ambiance.

T: So what's with the names carved into the wood?
P: That's one of the features of the Gino's East brand.
M: Yes, it's quite the trademark!

T: I like it! It's kinda cool!

P: Maybe you should carve your name Trichelle.
T: Yea, right!

The ladies look up and notice a plane "flying" overhead.

T: This place is just sooooo cute!!

A few minutes later, they are seated.

T: check out the menu...what should I try?
M: Definitely the deep dish pizza
P: With sausage...the slab o' meat!
T: What's slab o' meat?
P: You'll just have to wait and see!

After they place their order, Trichelle decides to become a part of the tradition.

Trichelle grabs a pen and carves her name on the wall of the booth.

T: Now it's officially...I've been to Gino's East!

They all laugh.

T: Which way to the rest room?

On her way to the restroom, Trichelle notices that she's not the only "doll" to visit Gino's East when she spies a picture of Chuckie and his date on the wall.

The pizza arrives!

They ordered spinach and mushrooms...

...and the sausage...slab o' meat. The restaurant refers to this as a sausage patty.

They decided that the slices are so big that they will share.

M: So Trichelle, what do you think?

T: OMG! This is THE BEST thing that I have EVER tasted!!!

Pixxa and Mila laugh.

P: Now you know why this is my fav!

T: I am STUFFED! I can't eat another bite!
P: So we'll take home the rest for later.

M: Hey...check out the stretch Hummer. Think they'll give us a ride?
P: I'd rather walk...walk off some of this pizza.
T: Good idea!

P: This is the Rock 'n Roll McDonalds.
M: It's one of the few freestanding, two story stores they have.

T: Neat:
P: And there's a museum in the back with lots of rock 'n roll stuff.

M: And here's the Rainforest Cafe.
T: Ewwww...check out that frog on top!

T: And of course you have a Hard Rock Cafe
P: Yes, this is one little area that it would be hard to be hungry in!

M: Oh well ladies...I'd better call it a night! It was nice hanging out with you all. Trichelle, maybe I'll get to see you again before you leave.
T: I hope so...you're really fun!
P: Bye Mila!

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